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Qualified Candidates

Qualified Candidates

We make it a point to shortlist only qualified candidates.

Shortlisting Staffs

Shortlisting Staffs

We have a lot of procedures that we use to shortlist and filer the candidates.

Staffs Knowledge

Staffs Knowledge

The knowledge in the field is one of the basic things that we look in the selection process.

Staff Placements

Staff Placements

We have placed the staff in various industries in many countries.

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Tiny Press is a reliable and trusted staffing agency that has been providing its service for more than a decade. We are fortunate that we were able to collaborate with some of the biggest companies in the world over the years. We make sure to provide the best candidates who will meet the industry needs.

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When it comes staffing Tiny Press is one name that you can depend. Whatever might be your staffing needs they will get it done.

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Recruitment Process

Our recruitment is the process of hunting the best talents. It is why we are able to provide the best candidates.

Selection Process

We make it a point to select people who will be the perfect fit for the job.

Talent Exports

Over the years we have placed many candidates in various other countries.

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We have a large pool of talents from which office executives can be selected.

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5 Tips to Fill Your Oil & Gas Role

The oil and gas industry is a field that requires a wide range of theoretical knowledge, skills, and experience from all the employees working on the site. If you are involved in the industry, you probably know that oil and gas recruiting is a tough challenge because of the talent shortage. 

In this article, we will talk about oil and gas employment peculiarities and share some useful insights for both individual employers and recruiting firms. Hopefully, this post will help you find the right specialist for the job. 

1. Oil and Gas Recruiting Characteristics

The oil and gas industry’s facilities require an assortment of laborers, engineers, and other workers to construct, repair, and maintain them. Open positions are almost limitless; however, available candidates are in shortage. 

Although the industry is rapidly becoming more efficient and now requires fewer people to operate machines and pipelines, it still needs many experienced engineers to control the processes. If you are looking into oil and gas recruitment, be ready to spend a lot of time looking for a specialist. 

2. Higher Education and Proper Training Are Important

First of all, you need to make sure that your candidate has the right education. Not all engineers can work in the oil and gas industry. If you are looking for top talent, you need to understand what theoretical knowledge your ideal hire must possess. 

A degree in petroleum engineering is preferable, as the study trains students and prepares them for all the possible scenarios. However, other engineering degrees in the adjacent spheres could be suitable for the role you are trying to fill. 

3. Remember That Some Skills Could Be Transferable 

Do not forget that some skills are transferable. For instance, you can hire someone who has extensive experience in power and construction-related fields. 

Yes, such employees might require some additional training, but if you came to a standstill, looking into similar fields might be the right solution.

4. Offer Competitive Wages 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, oil and gas workers’ average hourly earnings constitute $36.98, which is much higher than earnings in other fields. 

If you want to find the best talent and make the role at your company more appealing, offer more than other oil and gas companies. Top engineers will be more willing to work for a business that respects its workers.

5. Ask a Niche Staffing Firm to Find the Perfect Hire

Oil and gas staffing could be time-consuming and challenging. With fierce competition in the field, it could be difficult to find someone right away. In case the process takes too much time, give a call to the local employment agency. 

A staffing company in your niche will have a big pool of candidates you can draw from. With professional help from a staffing agency, you will find the right candidate in no time. 

What Do I Need to Do to Hire in Seattle?

Seattle, the biggest city of Washington, is a fast-growing area with a robust economy. Driven by a combination of older industrial corporations and new tech companies, Seattle has a very diverse and intelligent workforce.

However, with the unemployment rate of 3.2 percent, filling your next role right away might be a time-consuming task. If your company or staffing firm is looking for a new employee, read on to learn tips on the hiring process in Seattle. 

Offer Good Salaries

According to The Seattle Times, the number of local families with an income of $200,000 is greater than the number of families earning less than $50,000. Living in Seattle can be expensive. That is why it is crucial to offer your candidates competitive salaries.

Any Seattle search firm knows that when the pay is not enough, it can take months to find the right candidate. If you want top talent, be ready to pay more.

Use National Job Boards

Sometimes your ideal hire lives outside the state you operate in. To find America’s top specialists, use national job boards and apply a filter “ready to relocate”. 

This will give you access to thousands of people across the country who are willing to move. You will be surprised at how many people are looking for opportunities in Seattle. 

Be Open to Apprenticeships and Training Programs

Seattle is known for the shortage of available candidates. That is why you should be open to the possibility of hiring someone who lacks certain skills. Organize apprenticeships or mentoring programs to upskill workers. 

Some people just need a chance to excel in their careers. If you are ready to offer guidance and mentorship, you may end up with extremely competent and loyal employees.

Attend Job Fairs Regularly

Seattle hosts dozens of job fairs each year. This is a great opportunity to network with other businesses and get to know the city’s workforce. 

To get a better chance at hiring someone at a job fair, invest in a booth. Like that you attract more attention from potential employees. Even if you do not fill the role right after the fair, you boost brand recognition: Someone might give you a call when they have an opportunity to work on a new project.

Test the Waters with the Local Seattle Search Firm

If you are new to the hiring process in Seattle, you can always give a call to the local employment agency. Seattle staffing firms are always happy to give you a free consultation. Maybe this piece of advice will facilitate your search.

Recruitment firms in Seattle know the best practices and can share some valuable information with you.

Delegate the Hiring Process to the Staffing Agency

Unemployment in Seattle is low, and it can take time to identify the most competent candidates. If time is not on your side, outsource a recruiting company. 

Probably the local Seattle employment agency already knows of someone who might be the right fit. By hiring the team of specialists, you delegate the task to experts who know how to do their job.

How to Hire in Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, the capital and the most populous city in Iowa, is known for being a major center of the U.S. insurance industry and financial services. Topping business rankings by numerous news websites, the city never fails to attract thousands of entrepreneurs each year.

It is not surprising that the job market in Des Moines is marked by fierce competition and low unemployment rates. That is why Des Moines employment can be challenging even for an experienced recruiting agency. In this article, we will talk about strategies any recruiter can follow to hire in Des Moines.

Des Moines Business Rankings

Before jumping into the hiring process, it is crucial to understand Des Moines Business environment: According to SmartAsset, the city became the sixth-best place in the U.S. to work in tech and the seventh-best place for business and careers. 

The reason the city ranks high is the thriving business climate. The local governments work hard to attract businesses with a highly trained workforce, tax advantages, and business incentives. With such a great number of benefits, many companies are competing for the best talent, and you need to know how to beat them.

The State of Des Moines Employment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Des Moines benefits from a low unemployment rate of 2.6%. With major insurance and finance companies headquartered in the city and a highly trained workforce, it can be hard for a staffing agency to quickly find the perfect candidate. 

Big corporations of Iowa are always on the lookout for highly skilled hires; Hence, smaller companies might find employment in Des Moines time consuming and challenging. Any recruitment firm needs to find creative, unusual approaches to attract the perfect candidate.

Offer More Flexibility Than Big Corporations

Big companies can offer very generous employment packages. If your company cannot give amazing incentives, you could provide the potential candidate with greater flexibility. More vacation days or the possibility to work from home could attract many talented people with families. 

Free snacks and a high salary are not decisive factors anymore. More and more people are looking for flexible working hours and an opportunity to spend more time outside of the office.


Provide Learning Opportunities and Creative Tasks

No one wants to do something repetitive for years on end. To attract young talent, come up with interesting learning opportunities, so your employees can excel in their careers. Learning something new every day and working on unusual tasks can become the reasons your ideal candidate chooses you over a big corporation.

You can also leverage the fact that most insurance and finance companies in Des Moines do not provide their employees with creative tasks and goals. 

Consult with an Experienced Recruiting Company

If you are new to Des Moines employment, it makes a lot of sense to contact the local staffing firm. Professionals with years of experience will know how to fill the role and find the best available candidate.

Competing with bigger corporations for top talent can be hard, and you need all the resources you can get your hands on. Des Moines employment is tricky, and any company needs a reliable network of skilled employees, and the local staffing firm will help you accelerate the process.

Why you need a staffing agency to fill your open roles

If you are in search for the best and most effective way to fill your open roles with a temp agency in California, orange County and Inland empire then you will need to put in your time and efforts so that you will get a reliable and reputable temp agency who will offer you short as well as long term benefits for your recruitment needs. Moreover hiring an agency is far more beneficial than doing the task of selecting candidates for any temporary job openings so that you will not have to work hard for looking for the best candidate for the job.

Benefits of hiring temp agency

Access to the key strategic skills- the most important reason to fill your open roles with a temp agency is that you will be able to again access to the strategic skills of the employees that will enable you to get the best candidate who will meet the rising demands of your organization. When you have talent shortages in your company, you can hire temporary candidates who will fill the positions that require short term employees. A temp agency will prevent you from hindering the growth of your company by offering a constant supply of employees so that you will not have to
worry about losing opportunities as you will get experienced and qualified for the job positions.


Enjoy flexible jobs– the use of staffing agency in California, Orange County and Inland Empire is considered as a flexible that helps you to ease the burden on your permanent employees by hiring additional worker who will work on a short term basis so that your work will be completed within a short span of time.

Extended reach– there are some experienced and talented candidates who are harder to reach by your company but when you hire a temp agency, you will be able to meet these candidates who also have talent proof and will fill your job vacancies in a perfect manner. The wide network of the temp agency makes it possible for them to supply candidates for any job positions so that you will not have to worry about job vacancies.


Better people assessment– the experience and skills of the temp agency is beneficial for your needs as they have a deeper understanding about how to select potential employees for your company so that you will not have to struggle for searching for the candidates for job vacancies.

Enjoy staffing flexibility– the most important reason why you should use a temp agency is when the staffing needs of your company fluctuates greatly every month for which you will need temporary staffs or employees for the vacancy. Hence you will no longer have to face the challenge to maintaining the right amount of employees as the temp agency will work for offering you candidates on a temporary basis so that it will meet your needs and requirements. This is especially important so that your permanent employee will not have to bear the burden of extra work that might arise at any time of the year.

Fill your open roles with a temp agency

If you have vacancies in your organization then you can get these positions filled by recruiting new candidates using the best recruitment ideas available but the recruitment is a time consuming and long drawn process. You will need to have a hum resource team that will work to bring new people for the job but it is an expensive process as you will have to pay to a large number of HR employees on the regular basis. Hence if you want to save your money and ease the headache then you should consider hiring staffing agency so that you can enjoy a large number of benefits. Why you need a staffing agency to fill your open roles is an important question that you need to answer before you hire the agency in California, Orange County and Inland Empire

Know what is the staffing agency

A staffing agency is a private agency that provides people for the job vacancies in large organizations that don’t have the time, resources and expertise to look for new candidates for the job. They also offer advertisements for the jobs so that they will applications from the prospective candidates who are interested in the job vacancies and will help you get the best and most qualified person for the job. Hence you will only have to set a job criteria and description so that the staffing agency will look for candidates on this basis by placing advertisements on newspaper, magazines, social media, websites and job fairs.

Reasons to hire a staffing agency

The agency is responsible for the selection and recruitment of the candidates on behalf of organization that don’t have the time for managing the entire employment process. Hence you will get complete peace of mind as the agency will select the best talent for the job regardless of whether you are looking for permanent or temporary employees. They will search for qualified and skilled employees for you so that you will save your time, money and hassles of searching from among a large number of candidates. The valuable industry expertise of the staffing agency can also help you to get someone who will meet the deadlines of the projects. Even if you are in search of temporary employees, you can hire a temp agency that will look for someone who will work on a short term basis so that your existing employees will be relieved from burden.

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