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5 Tips To Fill Your Oil & Gas Role

5 Tips to Fill Your Oil & Gas Role

The oil and gas industry is a field that requires a wide range of theoretical knowledge, skills, and experience from all the employees working on the site. If you are involved in the industry, you probably know that oil and gas recruiting is a tough challenge because of the talent shortage. 

In this article, we will talk about oil and gas employment peculiarities and share some useful insights for both individual employers and recruiting firms. Hopefully, this post will help you find the right specialist for the job. 

1. Oil and Gas Recruiting Characteristics

The oil and gas industry’s facilities require an assortment of laborers, engineers, and other workers to construct, repair, and maintain them. Open positions are almost limitless; however, available candidates are in shortage. 

Although the industry is rapidly becoming more efficient and now requires fewer people to operate machines and pipelines, it still needs many experienced engineers to control the processes. If you are looking into oil and gas recruitment, be ready to spend a lot of time looking for a specialist. 

2. Higher Education and Proper Training Are Important

First of all, you need to make sure that your candidate has the right education. Not all engineers can work in the oil and gas industry. If you are looking for top talent, you need to understand what theoretical knowledge your ideal hire must possess. 

A degree in petroleum engineering is preferable, as the study trains students and prepares them for all the possible scenarios. However, other engineering degrees in the adjacent spheres could be suitable for the role you are trying to fill. 

3. Remember That Some Skills Could Be Transferable 

Do not forget that some skills are transferable. For instance, you can hire someone who has extensive experience in power and construction-related fields. 

Yes, such employees might require some additional training, but if you came to a standstill, looking into similar fields might be the right solution.

4. Offer Competitive Wages 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, oil and gas workers’ average hourly earnings constitute $36.98, which is much higher than earnings in other fields. 

If you want to find the best talent and make the role at your company more appealing, offer more than other oil and gas companies. Top engineers will be more willing to work for a business that respects its workers.

5. Ask a Niche Staffing Firm to Find the Perfect Hire

Oil and gas staffing could be time-consuming and challenging. With fierce competition in the field, it could be difficult to find someone right away. In case the process takes too much time, give a call to the local employment agency. 

A staffing company in your niche will have a big pool of candidates you can draw from. With professional help from a staffing agency, you will find the right candidate in no time. 

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